Shopify App Recommendations

It's so hard to know which Shopify Apps to try when there are so many!

For the latest Performance Apps on Shopify, go to

 Everyone loves a short list though!

Below are some of the ones we've tried, had clients try, or have heard good things about.


Heatmap Feedback Info:

There are lots of heatmap tools that help you see how your website visitors are interacting with your store. You can view all of them here. 

Our current favorite is Lucky Orange. 


Shipping Support Apps:

We have really liked ShipStation for Shopify, but these options are great for expanding the options for printing labels, etc. You can view all of your options here.


Customer Product Review Apps:

We like Yotpo because of how powerful it is, how easy it is to work with your content, and it currently has a free tier for new brands. I also really like Stamped's app. You can learn more about them at They allow you to use your product reviews content in your Google Ads.

I'm personally less a fan of, which many brands start out using. 


Accessibility Apps:

This is a MUST HAVE because it's now a legal requirement for your Shopify store. You can view all of the options here.


Loyalty & Rewards Apps:

Our recommendation is It's the one we're putting on clients' sites most, and what we see on most Shopify stores lately. 


Quiz Tool Apps:

There are SO MANY quiz tools now. We love customer quizzes! You can view all of the options here. 


Email Marketing Tools:

Honestly, the best for e-commerce is Klaviyo (pronounced "CLAY-V-oh"), but they are expensive. Some brands start with Shopify Email but then move to something else. Here is a short list of ones I'd recommend considering when moving off of another one like MailChimp, MailerLite, etc.