Why You Need An Emotional Bulldozer

Aaron McManus

Get your metaphoric shit out of your way with a metaphoric bulldozer. Image from Wikipedia.  You have to get out of your own way. You know that you are your own barrier to success, right? The only thing standing in your way is you. It's your voice telling you those negative things, saying you can't do this, you don't deserve that, you haven't earned it yet, you're too fat, you'll never afford it, etc. That's you, now, saying those things. It isn't your mother, or that catty bitch (you know who I mean). It isn't her now, even though you can...

Greg Reid on the Formula to Success and the Simple Distinction that Makes All the Difference

Aaron McManus

Today friends and I interviewed Greg S. Reid for the premier episode of the Chicago Business Cooperative Podcast (more on that in a minute). On our premier podcast, Greg shares his secret formula of success that he developed by interviewing some of the most successful people in the world. Greg also tells us about his greatest interview -- how he learned that the simple distinction between seeking council and hearing opinions changes everything. Listen to the full episode: Join me on October 16 when Greg Reid visits Chicago - $35 is a great deal for the wealth of information that Greg's...

Stay in the Bit

Aaron McManus

I've got a simple storytelling tip that will instantly improve your stories.  Doesn't matter if it's a negotiation, presentation, job interview, new client meeting... whatever. It comes from some of the highest paid storytellers out there - Jerry Seinfeld and Louie C.K.  They know what they're talking about. It's insanely simple. When your audience is reacting, don't react to them. Stay in the bit. Keep the energy of your story.  Keep driving home to your point. Keep your focus. Don't react to their reaction. Just because they laugh doesn't mean you have to break your composure. Just because they get uncomfortable...

Why Teams Need Storytelling Skills... and How To Use Art to Build Them

Leaders can create an awesome professional development experience for their team. Professional development can catalyze learning and improve morale - and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Leaders just need the right goals and a simple process. We used art like this at the MCA to catalyze team learning - keep reading to find out how. I'll explain with a real-life example. A few weeks ago when I first spoke to Lisa, a new client who owns a conference production company, I got excited. Not just because she wanted to hire me, but because of what she wanted. Her goals were simple. She wanted her...

How do I get a job in another state?

Aaron McManus

How do I get a job in another state, you ask?  I got the same question today via email, and I decided to share my response (since I wrote a pretty long reply)   Hi Aaron,   Thanks again for offering you views on my situation; I am curious in your opinion what is the best route to take to land a job in a state I want?   Christopher -------------------------- Hi Christopher,   I'll give you a few suggestions that have worked for me, and what I'd do now if I moved again. I've lived/worked in quite a few...

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