The Lion Who Was Afraid of Himself (A Metaphor For Entrepreneurs and Executives Who Roar Too Loud)

Aaron McManus

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there was a lion who lived in the forest. 

He got very thirsty, so he went to find some water. He found a pool and bent down to take a drink, but there was another lion looking at him from the pool!

He was scared, but he didn’t want to show it, so he threw his head back and roared.

He looked back down, but his mighty roar hadn’t scared away the other lion.

He roared so loud that all the other animals came to see what was the matter – and when they saw him roaring at his own reflection, they laughed and laughed at him.

He didn’t understand what they were laughing at, so he roared louder – to show them all how fierce he was – and the louder he roared, the more the animals laughed.

Finally all the roaring made him so thirsty that he thought to himself:

- I don’t care what that other lion is doing. I am taking that drink of water.

He bent his head down and stuck it in the water.

The instant that the stillness of his reflection was disrupted by his nose, the other lion disappeared.

Then the lion realized how foolish he had been, and he swore to always make sure that he knew what was in the water before he started to roar at it.

Too many people in business are roaring at their own reflections, not realizing that others are laughing at them.

Just like the lion, they’re incredibly thirsty.

They want something more than water. They want purpose. It quenches the soul.

Just like the lion, they don’t need to roar.

They just need to look a little bit closer to see reality.

They need to open their eyes and see the whole picture.

They need to tell their story to get what they want, not roar out of fear.

Fear is often at the root of angry, self-destructive behavior.

The lion was afraid of his own reflection. When he saw that other lion, he underestimated himself and his ability to compete for what he wanted.

When he figured out how to overcome his fear and go after what he wanted, he was able to quench his thirst.

Examine the fears that are holding you back from what you want.

They’re not as scary as they look.

Some of them might not even be real.

If you let fear hold you back, you’ll always be thirsty.

If you take a deep breath and dive in, you’ll find a way to quench your thirst.



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