Man working on the beach.

The Next Big Wave

We want to be able to ride the big wave and feel the high tide beneath our feet.”

The next big wave is coming at a fast pace. It carries a high tide and a mean wind. We start again down the same path that led us to the high tide. It was one of magnificent nature and that is something that can be viewed as a must see. But what is there to this conscious effort to relive our greatest moments?

We want to be able to ride the big wave and feel the high tide beneath our feet. But it is not just us anymore. We have become the stories and make our way with the influences of every person that has crossed our paths just like our characters and their interactions forms their storylines. We too often take this influence in our daily lives.

Like a winged momentous flock of birds in unisom, the lead are the carriers breaking through stream to form a drift that the followers use to travel through this vast wonderland of air and dust. There is a granular rise up the winding hills and as the wind whistles through the corridors of its time, the dust trails and the stars align. It is an atmospheric blur to the naked eye but in the depths beyond sight there is a might of energy and unmistaken fury that carries the meanest of madness with it ever so gently.

You are gaining ground and the plot is taking shape. Your characters are developing through their encounters. This is a great time to let it flow like water without boundaries. Finding the lowest point of resistance and absorbing it’s providing waters, the path receives equal nourishment. Let’s begin to flow with the life giving waters and allow our characters to grow. With environments in place, we can now focus on the premise of their journey.

When thinking about the timeline, visualizing the timeframe as a sin wave is beneficial in setting the path of the story. You can add to the growth of the story by thinking ahead, setting your milestones, and filling in gaps in the timeline along the way. You have the ability to forecast and predict the future, but once the story is written, it is rarely possible to change the past. Therefore, you must always be living in the moment of the story and thinking about the future.

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