Relaxed woman legs and flip flops in a car window on the beach

Making Time for R & R

You have to make time for a little rest and relaxation no matter where you are. The sun beats down on a hot summer day to the chords of a downtown jamboree. You have three refreshers and the night is young. But before you wear your pretty little self out, you should make some time the old R&R.

Kick your feet up and rest your head on a pillow. Let your blood flow and tap our feet to some cool jazz or R&B. However you are feeling to soothe your soul as you drift away to your pleasant place. The place where you always feel at home.

There is always time to take for yourself when you feel bushed form the week’d long days. The weekends may be full of eventful happenings but no need to overstress on the agendas of the evenings. You have to find that time for your peace of mind and just relax.

Order in some food and throw on your comfy clothes. Light the fire, let it crackle and pour cold glass of white wine. Something that has nice bitter sweet blend fo a cold sipper. Mmm, enjoy.

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