Closeup of painter artist working in a modern abstract oil canvas in his studio

Getting Your Story Started

The Starting Point

Prepare to embark on a journey that will escapade your mind into a land of wild berries and dreams that stem from a seed.

Obviously, you are aiming to grow a story, I presume. A story or two, maybe a few? Maybe you would like to be free. Free to express yourself individually. Well, then join and begin to explore.

“Maybe you would like to be free. Free to express yourself individually. Well, then join and begin to explore. “

Make an expression of your intention and what you would like to bring to their attention. Something that makes your heart flutter, or your knees jitter. A situation in which you cannot slumper. You will have to raise your hand and bring it down with a THUMP. “Ready” to fulfill your deepest desires? You have to be ready to take everyone on your journey.

This is the beginning of a new day. It opens up doors to the world in a vast new light. It is a light that radiates with thought. It is thought provocative and it plants a seed to grow in the minds of all of you. You are now opening your own doors to a place where stories grow. Stories grow out of the foundations of a thought. When you start a story it usually starts upon a time. In this case, the time is now and you are part of a grandeur event. Take part in the social fertilization of a thought and contribute to a growing society. You are in the story and play a key role in the experience of others around you. Take your time and explore the place where stories grow. You can begin your story with a scene, where do you want it to be?  Let your mind run free and invite others to join you along the way. Everyone is part of the whole story but you influence the outcome of events and you can contribute to the final piece. You have the ability to change the world through a thought. Remember, it’s your world, live in it. Express Yourself! Be Free. Grow Stories.

As the day moves on the story begins to take shape. It intrigues the mind and allows free flowing thought. You can now expand your wings and fly through the winds of time. In front of you are endless clouds and mountain tops that pierce through. Sit against a tree that hangs on the edge of a grassy cliff. Roots hang out of the bluff walls beneath the grassy ground and you view the edge from above. This is where it all starts. You have just created your first scene. Relax, and imagine what could be next. This is where the road begins that leads to the story’s plot. You will decide the direction and it is up to you where it goes. You have options for when you get stuck. Just bounce it back for recommendations. If you get lost along the way, just follow through and you will make it in the end. Are you ready? The stories growth is counting on you and the story must grow on.

The Next Level of the Writer’s Journey

Can you imagine what it would look like if you had the chance to draw a sketch? Maybe a little imperfect along the edges to show the trenches that you have climbed in and out of to make your way through. That’s not enough. Rise to the occasion and further on, you must…overcome obstacles.

Whether it was a nightmare or a dream, something that made you want to scream at the top of your lungs, you were tired and fed up. But wait, why the haste? Why are you so ready to draw fate? There must be something that is not worth letting it take you to the date at which you fall on your face because you let it all go to waste…for what? Let’s take a tour. Hop on the bus. We’re going to the crust of the earth, where it hangs off a bluff and over a rough landscape of trees and brush? No time to give up!

You saw this bearing and the reason you stopped caring was because you were tested and you do not have the patience of a saint. You never had the glory of the moment that stopped your fate. Yet something stopped you from getting drawn in by the bait of the devil that stood lurking in the silhouette of a moon,  the iridescent light surfacing on a dim lit street where darkness loomed. There you sit with your hand propped on your knee. The other with an elbow and a fist holding your head from falling in its sorrowful drift. The block is lifted and you can now persist.

Did that grab your attention? You have to pick up your chin and look straight ahead at the sign blinking in the window. Do you see what it says?

Make your way through the dim lit streets to a place we call home. Our imaginations!

It says it is time to take all the glimmer and the shine from your mind and lay it on the vine to be carried off and sung in a hymn. It was once said, “if I were dead, I’d be tickled if someone of which, listened to my words and found reasoning in what was heard, I’d be forever grateful of this twist. As we spread the wisdom of the days that were taught in ways that were not always the best. We’ve had to learn the hard way, just like the rest. Stubborn at will, the heart on a sleeve leads us still. We must face what it is that we fear the most so we can make our way to the grand toast. A moment in which we are dressed to the tips and we make light of our dreary days with a flick of the wrist, the glasses meet with ching, the moment has been blessed with more fortunate things and we share ourselves with our dreams, together again, or so it seems.

The only way to be merry is through the expression of a moment that leaves you to believe there is something more to be seen and we hang out watching for that thing that will change our days of dreadful earnings to dreams that go on forever bearing the fruits of the labors in our working that we hold and cherish because it once was dream that can now be foreseen in the ways of being entwined within or mind with the divine and we climb to achieve an ever enopting depth of breathe. We let free and just be. You are the answer to all that you are searching! Continue on…

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